About Us

Roemer Release was founded in 1979 with the development of the patented Roemer Release. It was the first and still only multiple adjustment cam action downrigger release on the market. Since then the company has designed and developed many other trolling related products including:

Roemer Liberator – line stacker and snap weight attachment device
Roemer Winger – directional downrigger trolling plate
Roemer Bullet – anti-backup device for trolling board lines

With additional products including the Roemer Clinch’R, Roemer Downrigger Snubber, and several other downrigger related items. All Roemer made products are designed and made in the USA. From our heritage from the shores of Lake Ontario to now with our facility near Lake Superior we are a company based on the needs the of salmon and trout fisherman from the Great Lakes and beyond. Our products are available across the USA and Canada!